History & Accomplishments

Since 2000, we have served over 65,000 individuals.

  • 14,000 4th and 5th graders through our principal program, the Outdoor Project
  • 2,500 high-school and college-aged students through the Youth Leadership Project
  • 37,500 students through the In-School Project
  • 15,000 adults through the Mosaic Consulting Project

The Mosaic Project was founded in June 2000 and began full-time, staffed operation in April 2001. We developed our curriculum with the assistance of a 4th and 5th-grade focus group and ran two pilot sessions of our Outdoor Project with 76 individually recruited students and four Youth Leaders in August 2001. We have grown each year. We released our musical curriculum on CD in 2003, expanded the Youth Leadership Project to run throughout the entire year in 2006, developed our comprehensive In-School Project in 2008, released our curriculum guide in 2010, and launched the Mosaic Consulting Project to work with adults in community-based organizations and corporations in 2011. We launched our new model, the Mosaic Experience, providing elements of our In-School Project to every one of our partner schools in 2014, and ran our first Family Camp in 2015. In addition to serving more than 14,000 4th and 5th graders in our Outdoor Project and more than 2,500 high school and college aged students through our Youth Leadership Project, we have run hundreds of our in-school workshops and Mosaic Consulting Project trainings for other organizations, serving more than 37,500 additional students and more than 15,000 adults.

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2017 Warren Knight Distinguished Service Award, national award that recognizes the work of extraordinary individuals and organizations in advancing collaborative forms of dispute resolution and the peaceful resolution of conflict

Oaklandish Nonprofit of the Month, January 2017

Winner of 2016 Jaffe Awards, national award recognizing leaders making a difference in the lives of children

eTown E-chievement Award 2014

Association for Experiential Education’s Organization of the Year Award 2013

Community Boards San Francisco Leadership Peacemaker Award 2013

Exemplary Practices/Practitioner Award, Western Region of the Association of Experiential Education 2013

Executive Director Lara Mendel received 10 Women Campaign Award 2009

The Rising Peacemaker Prize, Agape Foundation, 2005

Parents’ Choice Award 2004 – Musical CD The Mosaic Project Presents: Children’s songs for Peace and a Better World 

Empathy Song won a Children’s Music Web Award 2004


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