In-School Project

Peacing It Together artThe In-School Project deepens and sustains the impact of Mosaic’s Outdoor Project by engaging all students, staff, and families to build equitable, inclusive, and healthy communities for our partner schools.

Mosaic’s innovative Outdoor Project is outstanding at promoting peace, empathy, and conflict resolution among its 4th and 5th grade participants. The In-School Project provides these participants an opportunity to teach and demonstrate the skills learned through Mosaic to the whole school community. Mosaic staff collaborates with school communities to run engaging school-wide assemblies and co-facilitate class visits/workshops with Mosaic Peace Ambassadors (Outdoor Project alumni). Themes from the Outdoor Project are revisited and teachers are offered support in the continued creation of inclusive classrooms.

The In-School Project is offered in tandem with the Outdoor Project. The Mosaic Experience is a combination of both the Outdoor Project and the In-School Project.

Outdoor Project

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“Our students’ first experience of the Mosaic Project’s program was when two wonderful Mosaic Project teachers came to their 3rd grade classrooms. They used drama and music to teach empathy, community building and conflict resolution. They encouraged our students to be leaders in working for peace and understanding within our school community. Our students could hardly wait to go [to the Outdoor Project]!” — Kate Gallagher, Teacher

“I’ve seen many individual students grow in their self confidence and reliance. [They have] made progress in their empathy and listening skills. I’m optimistic for these changes to manifest in the school community.” — Julius, Teacher