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“Absolutely and utterly moving. I can see a difference in the team dynamic already.”
– Lindsay Barnett, Old Navy

An Experiential Workshop Series for This Critical Time

In-person and virtual options available

Building an inclusive team has never been more important. We are living through a tumultuous time – from the COVID-19 pandemic to the groundswell of pain and activism around systemic racism. If businesses want to be a part of the solution, they must provide their employees with support. That is why the Mosaic Consulting Project is offering our Action Guide and accompanying virtual workshop series. This package will empower your employees with tools to navigate interpersonal interactions and help you create a more equitable and inclusive organization.

What to Expect

Our interactive training series is made up of four 90-minute sessions that can be customized to meet your specific needs and goals:

I have told so many people about The Mosaic Project and loved the sessions. I loved how everyone was free to talk about their experiences and how inclusive it was. I felt a new drive to help everyone have a place at the table.

Lindsay Wilcox


Zoom meetingSession One

  • Break down the concepts of implicit bias, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination.
  • Explore how racism and other forms of discrimination appear in the workplace and our greater communities.
  • Introduce “subtle acts of exclusion” (otherwise known as microaggressions) and the messages they send.

Session Two

Build communication skills to connect across differences and address discrimination, including:

  • Using the 3 Keys to Connection.
  • Avoiding the 3 Connection Blockers.
  • Assertive communication.

Session Three

  • Assertive Conflict Resolution.
  • Provide hands-on practice in addressing challenging scenarios.
  • Discuss and roleplay interrupting subtle and overt acts of exclusion.
  • Rehearse receiving feedback around your own acts of exclusion.

Session Four

  • Envision a truly welcoming company culture.
  • Recognize current organizational strengths as well as barriers to change.
  • Identify next steps toward achieving your vision of an equitable, inclusive workplace.

Our Action Guide highlights key learnings from the series. It is designed to be a quick reference that can be consulted over and over again.

“The facilitators’ authenticity and team chemistry helped set a positive, open tone for our group addressing this set of sensitive issues. Mosaic was flexible in their approach, highly responsive and generally a pleasure to work with.”

Umi Howard

The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania

“The MCP training was an incredibly enriching experience. We were able to go deep into intense areas, yet the facilitators skillfully created a safe, compassionate and curious environment that built community and understanding. Every worksite and corporation should go through this training!”

Marcella Raimondo

Kaiser Permanente

“A very heartfelt thank you for a most amazing DEI training! We came away with great insights into how we can work better in our roles and in the classroom. We are referencing the resources you shared as an ongoing practice and are intentional about bringing this into our work.”

May Howell

Scientific Adventures for Girls

Training that Makes an Impact

There are many organizations offering implicit bias and anti-racism training programs, so why work with The Mosaic Project?

The Mosaic Project team is proud to be the experts in the room. For 20 years, we have been leaders not only in anti-racism, but also in pragmatic, proactive equity and inclusion work. We know what works and what doesn’t to drive tangible action. Our dynamic facilitators have decades of hands-on experience in training, community organizing, and facilitation.

We specialize in experiential trainings. Not only are our workshops rich in content, they are also dynamic, exciting, transformational, and fun!

As you invest in your employees, you also invest in your community. Net proceeds from the Mosaic Consulting Project directly fund our youth programs.

You can be an important part of our work to create more just, equitable, inclusive communities.

StubHub’s Senior Manager of Global Talent, Eileen McCarthy, shares about StubHub’s partnership with The Mosaic Project.

The facilitators are dynamic – blending personal anecdotes with interactive activities that make the heavy material they cover easy to follow and sink your teeth into. Our staff reported that the training helped them to feel more confident in calling others “IN” when they witnessed acts of exclusion among their peers, understand where someone is coming from before jumping to conclusions, and introduce these skills to kids not just adults!

Samantha Armacost

Ogichi Daa Kwe

“This was the most incredible work experience ever!”

Steph Escoto

Gap Inc.

I appreciate The Mosaic Project’s ability to listen and learn about an organization and then to help them move forward.

Anthony Mickens

Executive Director, Seven Tepees

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