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Fun • Dynamic • Engaging • Transformative

The Mosaic Consulting Project’s trainings in diversity and inclusion, team building, and effective communication will enable your company to:

  • expand your capacity to work across lines of difference.
  • cultivate more collaborative and inclusive teams.
  • increase employee engagement.

Using lively, thought-provoking activities and techniques, we design the optimal program for your group. You will leave each training with a set of tools and resources to meet challenges specific to your organization.

Find out if MCP is right for your workplace.


Our trainings involve dynamic, fun facilitation strategies and experiential activities as well as provide concrete tools. Trainings range from two hours to two days in length.  We work with corporations, community-based organizations, and educational institutions and will collaborate with you to design a professional development training plan that meets your specific needs and goals.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our diversity and inclusion workshops support organizations that seek to recognize and utilize the diversity in their community as an asset and tactical, strategic advantage in the marketplace, while developing meaningful and effective ways of understanding, listening to, and responding to challenges around differences. We help organizations put their values to work and to better support their members in building a strong and vibrant community fabric.


Participants will:

  • Practice being proactive rather than reactive in communicating across difference.
  • Investigate and reflect on assumptions about differences and how they impact decisions in the workplace.
  • Embrace diversity as a tactical advantage in the marketplace.
  • Explore how to create an inclusive culture in their workplace, where all staff feel more included and appreciated.
  • Move toward a more engaged, cohesive, and effective workforce.

Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution

These trainings develop ways of understanding, listening to, and responding to conflicts and challenges, encourage the use of assertive communication techniques, and emphasize the importance of modeling effective conflict resolution. The trainings combine The Mosaic Project’s step-by-step conflict mediation process with theories of conflict transformation to emphasize the opportunities for the personal and institutional growth that conflicts can provide.


Participants will:

  • Practice proactive communication skills that support a healthy, productive work environment.
  • Explore assertiveness in contrast to passiveness, aggressiveness, and passive aggressiveness.
  • Examine models for:
    • giving and receiving feedback.
    • stopping workplace gossip.
    • addressing, managing, and resolving conflicts.

Team Building

Our team building workshops provide tangible steps toward cultivating strong, unified teams and incorporating individuals’ skills toward common goals.


Participants will:

  • Explore existing team dynamics and behaviors.
  • Build trust, empathy, and appreciation.
  • Cultivate a deeper sense of shared purpose and vision as a team.
  • Identify tangible steps toward realizing that shared vision.
  • Learn to leverage individual skills and experiences to serve the team.
  • Have fun!

To learn more or book the Mosaic Consulting Project, contact Brian Lowe.

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About Us

The Mosaic Consulting Project (MCP) is a program of The Mosaic Project, a 501(c)(3) non­profit organization which works toward a peace­ful future by unit­ing chil­dren of diverse back­grounds, pro­vid­ing them with essen­tial com­mu­nity build­ing skills, and empow­er­ing them to become peace­mak­ers. Through MCP, we bring the imag­i­na­tion, won­der, and fun of our Outdoor Project into your work­place.

As you invest in your employees, you also invest in your community. Net proceeds from MCP directly fund The Mosaic Project’s youth programs and you help expand our impact to reach entire communities through schools, community-based organizations, and local companies.