Board of Directors

Kara Murray-Badal, MBA/MPA, President
Director, Terner Center Housing Lab; Mosaic Staff + YLP Alumnus

Lia Barrow
Personal Assistant, JustCoz

Erich Braun
Partner, KPMG LLP

Nate Brewer
Talent Partner, Rippleworks; Mosaic YLP Alumnus

Terry C. Britt, Treasurer
Sr. Vice President, City Building, Inc.

Chantal Byrne, MA/MBA, Vice President
Principal, Prospect Development Partners

Albert Chan, MBA/MS, Secretary
Supplier Clean Energy Program, Apple; Mosaic YLP Alumnus

Kristin Hull, PhD (Education)
Founder & CEO, Nia Impact Capital

Dan Lewis
Teacher; Mosaic YLP Alumnus

Lara Mendel, MA
Co-Founder/Executive Director, The Mosaic Project

Chasmin Moses Forbes, MA (Education)
Founder & CEO, The Box Care

Tari Nicholson
Community Activist

Deepti Sethi
Attorney, Summit Defense

David Shor
Money in Politics Program Manager, California Common Cause; Mosaic YLP Alumnus

Lawrence Shorter, MS
VP, User Experience and Product Content, Contrast Security

Andrew Stein
Head of Business Operations, Ladder Insurance

Marisol Vela-Chiu, MA (Management)
Head Teacher and Program Coordinator, Scientific Adventures for Girls; Mosaic Staff Alumnus

Lynne Wander
COO, UtilityAPI

Advisory Board

Sabrina Moyle, MBA, President Emerita
CEO, Hello!Lucky

Brett Dennen
Singer/Songwriter & Original Mosaic Resident Rock Star

Steve Steiner
Development Advisor

Dr. Michael D. Baran
President, Interactive Diversity Solutions
Principal Researcher, American Institutes for Research

Dr. Cynthia Colvin
Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst

Kelsey Crowe, PhD
Founder, Help Each Other Out

Victoria Dimitrakopoulos
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Catalyst
Lycée de San Francisco

Laurie Grossman
Founder/Director, Mindful Impact

Will Hayes
CEO, Lucidworks

Gogi Hodder
Co-Founder/Former Board President, The Mosaic Project

Paul Kivel
Author/Violence Prevention Educator

Rachel Lotan
Professor Emerita of Education, Stanford University

Priscilla McKenney
Property Development Director, Girl Scouts of Northern California

Alison Park
Owner, Blink Diversity Consulting

Staci Sambol
Co-owner/Graphic Designer, Slub Design