Mosaic Youth Leaders! For the first time EVER…
The Youth Leader Recruitment Challenge – Da Da Dun!
Our world is in need of a serious update for peace, and you can be a contributing factor to initiating the installation. Our Fall Season is quickly approaching, and we need your help with preparing new Youth Leaders to bring on the Mosaic Magic.
Peep out the details:
  1. First, come join the CHALLENGE by picking up a YLRC stamp card at our Peace HQ ASAP!
  2. You will get a Smoothie or Boba beverage for each male Youth Leader you get to come to the Youth Leadership Training Weekend, August 23rd-25th, presented at the next Fam Friday if you’re present.
  3. If you get 2 male Youth Leaders who actually come to their session, you get bragging rights on our YL Instagram.
  4. Whoever gets the most male Youth Leaders, (minimum 3), that actually come to their sessions becomes YOUTH LEADER LEGEND of the Season! Which means:
    • Your picture goes up in the office until the next season, framed and labeled.
    • It will be announced on social media, (if you want).
    • You will have a Fam Friday party in your honor.
    • You will get a personal song sung to you by Mosaic musical staff at the party.
    • You get to choose a snack for the party.
We definitely will have love and appreciation for each new Youth Leader recruited by you.
Don’t miss out on this grand opportunity to be part of our World Update for Peace!