Workshop with Dr. Michael Baran

Workshop with Dr. Michael Baran, Mosaic Advisory Board Member and Co-author of the recent book, Subtle Acts of Exclusion

Subtle Acts of Exclusion book coverWednesday, June 10, 4:30-6pm

This is a free event. Donations are always appreciated!

The current pandemic is revealing and heightening separation, fear, discrimination, and inequality between groups of people. At the same time, it is accentuating the need for intentional connection across differences, empathy, and effective communication. Addressing this need is the work of The Mosaic Project and of Dr. Michael Baran.

Research shows that subtle acts of exclusion (SAE, formerly known as microaggressions) continue to happen to people of marginalized identities. These interactions, committed by well-meaning people, threaten inclusion in our schools, our workplaces, and our communities. The disproportionate burden falls on those who experience the interaction – to either let it slide or to speak up and potentially face repercussions. We need allies to recognize these subtle interactions and to speak up for others in order to create open, trusting, and inclusive cultures.

In this interactive virtual session, Dr. Michael Baran will provide deep understanding around how to recognize these subtle interactions and how to interrupt them in a way that brings people together and creates trust and empathy. Watch the video teaser!